Mevr. J.M.C. Kloppenburg-Versteegh (1862-1948)

Mrs. J.M.C. Kloppenburg-Versteegh

The books of Mrs. Kloppenburg

Het leven van de Europeesche vrouw in Indië
(Life of the European woman in the Indies)
In the handbook (1913) mrs Kloppenburg gave, as a worldwise and experienced friend, council and advice with regard to life in the Netherlands-Indies. How do I handle 'kokkie' (the cook)? When must I wear European clothing? Does it improve the peace of the house if I contradict my husband?

De platen-atlas
(The Pictorial Atlas)
Mrs. Kloppenburgs book on herbs was closely associated with this atlas. Whereas the book on herbs taught how to prepare the herbs, the atlas pictorially described and named them. People could find these common plants for themselves, something that during the Japanese occupation turned out to be invaluable.

Indische planten en haar geneeskracht
(Indigenous plants and their healing powers)
The first edition of this important work on medicinal plants and herbs was published by Masman and Stroink, Semarang 1907. The book would be reprinted for several decennia; even in the late eighties of the previous century an edition was pubslished in Bahasa Indonesia. The greatest fame was gained under the title Wenken en raadgevingen. (Hints and advice)

Eene nabetrachting
(In retrospect)
This brochure was published in 1940. In Eene nabetrachting, the writer defended passionately the use of herbal plants. God, her mother and "our beautiful Indië" had taught her the use of these plants. How could others have their doubts as to their use?


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