Mevr. J.M.C. Kloppenburg-Versteegh (1862-1948)

Mrs. J.M.C. Kloppenburg-Versteegh

Do you know something about Mrs. Kloppenburg?

The research about the stature of Mrs. Kloppenburg and her work is an ongoing process. Can you think of people who just might contribute something of value about her life? Do you have relevant pictures that we may borrow for reproduction and publishing? Have you ever benefited from her book on herbs? Are you familiar with her handbook or did you ever read her final brochure?

Vilan van de Loo, author of the biography, welcomes every tiny bit of information. What may appear to be insignificant may just be the missing piece for that part of the puzzle.

E-mail Vilan van de Loo at: vilan@xs4all.nl


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